Choosing the Perfect Teapot: A Quick Guide

Buying a teapot may seem like a convenient task, as you need to visit a store and pick a piece you like the most. Or you can simply order it online. But you may be shocked to know that the task is not that straightforward. The vessel, you steep your tea in, is not only about its appearance. A teapot has multiple aspects to it, such as size, material, and steeping options. It doesn't matter how good your tea's quality is, if the teapot is not correct, the taste will be spoiled. For this reason, we have made this simple-to-understand guide, which will help you in picking the perfect teapot according to your requirements. So you will always get that amazing taste of the tea.

Tip 1: Select The Size

The size of a teapot doesn't affect the taste much, but it can determine your convenience. For that reason, you need to get the appropriate size of the teapot. Here are a few points you can consider while determining the dimensions of your teapot.

Number Of Members: If you always share your tea time with friends and family, a larger teapot would fit best in your case. This way, you will be able to prepare everyone's tea in one place. However, you can opt for a smaller size if you have to make tea only for a couple of members.

Quantity Of Tea: Another factor that can help you decide the size of your teapot is the quantity of tea that you prepare at once. For example, you will need a larger pot if you drink tea throughout the day. So you will be able to avoid the hassle of preparing tea again and again. But in case you only drink it once or twice, you can go with the smaller one.

The size of your teapot decides how easily you can prepare tea. So choose it wisely.

Tip 2: Look For The Material

Once you know how small or large your teapot should be, you can move on to look for its material. The material of your teapot determines its appearance, quality, and the taste of the tea that you will prepare in it. Some common types you can find in the market are:

Clay: Teapots made from clay tend to absorb the tannins from your tea. That means the older your clay teapot is, the more flavours you can get from it. In case you like the raw and pure taste of the tea, you should not prefer clay.

Ceramic: Ceramic teapots are one of the most popular variants, as they can be used to prepare almost all kinds of tea. However, you may find them more suitable for delicate teas, such as white tea. It also keeps the tea warmer for a more extended period. The only factor you need to consider here is to opt for a lighter ceramic teapot so that you can move it conveniently.

Glass: Glass teapots not only look decent, but they can also be used to prepare all types of tea. While they can add beauty in the room, they don't hold heat for that long. So you have to choose accordingly.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel teapots are the most modern tea vessels that you can pick. They are durable, lightweight, and will match the stylish interiors of your house. These teapots can even retain heat for longer. The sole problem you will find with them is that they tend to rust if you don't take proper care.

Porcelain: If you want heat retention, you will have to accompany your porcelain teapot with a tea cozy. Otherwise, you won't be able to prepare teas that require more extended periods of brewing. Apart from this, these teapots are as good as the ceramic ones.

Cast Iron: Cast iron teapots have two pros and two cons to them. Its advantages include heat retention and appearance, while the disadvantages are heavyweight and no delicate tea support. You can choose these based on your priority.

One of the materials can be chosen based on their properties and your requirements from the teapot.

Tip 3: Find The Steeping Options

Another crucial factor you need to check in your teapot before buying is its steeping option. If you like loose tea leaves, you will need to invest in a tea infuser. You can also opt for a teapot that has a built-in infuser in it, which will make your work easier. There are some special tea brewing concepts like "French tea press" that push the leaves downwards. Hence, you need not worry about getting the leaves in your tea.

Tip 4: Give Importance To The Design

The design of your teapot doesn't play any role in the quality of the tea, but it can affect the way you make and serve it. A few points to keep in mind are:

The handle of the teapot should have a firm grip so that you can move it easily. If you opt for a smaller handle, your hand will touch the hot body of the teapot. This can lead to burns or trouble.

The lid should be fit tightly on the rim, and there must be a pinhole for letting the air out. It will ensure that the tea doesn't spill.

The spout must be at the level or higher than the rim, in order to avoid spilling. Spouts that are below the rim level tend to spill the tea while moving the teapot.

A teapot with these features will be most convenient to handle, and you will be able to enjoy your tea time in peace.


You don't buy teapots every day. That is why you need to ensure that the one you purchase, fits best in your requirement, and doesn't create hassle while preparing tea. So remember to take the size, material, steeping options, and design of the teapot into consideration while picking one. Only then can you get the perfect taste every time. This way, you will be able to enjoy preparing, as well as drinking your favourite tea.



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