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Drinking Tea With Milk or Without Milk: Which one has more benefits?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Are you a teaholic? Then you must have at least once been a moderator of the debate whether drinking tea with milk or without it has more benefits. It has been going for a while now, but no one has concluded it with any solution. Some people prefer drinking black tea while there are a few others who love to drink milk tea. Both types of tea have their equal share of pros and cons. However, there is no denying that overconsumption of any kind will adversely affect your body and health.

In the sections below, we will elaborate on the benefits of black tea and tea with milk to see which of the two is more beneficial. Without further delay, let us take a look at them.

Benefits Of Drinking Tea With Milk

Tea is undeniably the most preferred beverage around the world. Although there are several benefits of drinking tea with milk, there are also speculations about how it interferes with tea compounds’ activities. Keeping that apart, let us look at some of the benefits for the time being.

Reduces Stress

Tea has caffeine in it, which works towards reducing stress in your body for several reasons, and adding milk to it enhances its capabilities of lowering tension. A good cup of tea with milk and some spices, if you want to, can take all your day’s stress away and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Mood Enhancer

Milk is known to boost memory and improve your mood. Even black tea has a component known as the I-theanine, which is also believed to have properties that enhance the mood. So, if you feel low or do not feel right about something, a cup of milk tea can be your go-to beverage.

Provides Strength

Milk is beneficial in many ways for your body, such as it is rich in calcium, which makes your bones stronger and healthier. It does not lose its properties when mixed with tea. Hence, when you drink tea with milk in a regulated amount, it is believed to strengthen your body.

Energy Source

Although there is not much research in this area, there are some mixed reactions. According to some, tea and milk components together contribute to providing energy to your body. While a few others believe that milk prevents tea components from functioning. However, a detailed study is required to come to any conclusion.

Lowers Oral Cancer Risks

Both tea and milk have nutrients and compounds that seem beneficial in one way or the other for your body. According to a study in China, milk consumption lowers the risk of oral cancer, and when it is added to tea, it showed a particularly beneficial effect on it.

Benefits Of Tea Without Milk

Black tea and green tea are known to have several health benefits, from proving beneficial for maintaining good weight to lower heart disease risks. Let us take a look at them.

Oral Health

Compounds present in tea promote overall oral health. According to various studies, black tea is proven to reduce plaque formation and prevent bacteria growth, which forms cavities and tooth decays. Polyphenols kill cavity-causing bacteria and prevent the formation of the sticky layer that binds plaque to your teeth.


Tea is rich in antioxidants, which prevents DNA damage caused due to tobacco or some other toxic chemicals. A cup of black tea a day can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Lowers Cancer Risks

According to a study, tea may help prevent some types of cancer with the help of its antioxidants- polyphenol and catechins. It also suggests that women known to consume black tea daily are at a lower risk of developing ovarian cancer. However, more research and study is still required in this field to establish these speculations with proofs.

Healthier Heart

Consumption of green and black tea has the potential of lowering the risks of a stroke. According to another research, people who consume three or more cups of tea a day had a considerable amount of lower chances of developing heart complications than people who drank less than a cup per day.

Increases Energy

Tea is considerably rich in caffeine, which enhances blood flow and stimulates the heart. It also regulates your metabolism, further helping in burning excess fat. Tea also vitalizes your respiratory system along with the heart and the kidneys.

Which Is Better?

We have listed the benefits of drinking tea with milk as well as consuming it without milk above. One thing that can be concluded from both is that there is not enough research that can prove whether these benefits are significant or not. Researchers and experts are of mixed opinions concerning the health benefits of drinking tea with milk. Some believe that adding milk to tea prevents the latter’s components from functioning at its fullest. However, a little more research on black tea suggests that consuming it with milk is much helpful. But as of now, you cannot determine the pros of which variant is better than the other. The only deciding factor can be you. Yes, we mean, it depends on you and your preferences and your lifestyle to decide which suits you the best.


We had already mentioned that you could not conclude a debate going on for ages about the better variant- tea with milk or without milk. However, you also cannot deny that both have some of the other benefits that make it a beverage that can help your body in some way or the other. Tea has different meanings for different people. Some drink it to relieve stress while others drink it out of habit. Now you can choose to have whatever reasons you want to enjoy a good cup of tea either in the morning or after a stressful day. You also have the liberty to pick whether you like it with or without milk. We hope we have been able to clear the cloud of confusion concerning which tea variant is better.

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