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8 DIY Tea Blends That You Must Try

Updated: 7 days ago

Are you bored of drinking the regular tea every morning and want to try something different on your own? Well, have you tried blending your tea? If not, you have come to the right place.

You can easily prepare your customized tea blends with using some kitchen ingredients to twist your regular tea shop assortments. You only need 2-3 different types of teas, herbs, spices, and flowers to create different types of tea blends. Blending is a great way to add enriching flavours to your regular tea. Also, it helps in enhancing the health benefits of your tea.

Every tea blend has a unique ingredient as a base which is generally dried herbs, and pure tea leaves that help in binding the flavours. The secondary ingredients generally include lemon, spearmint, hibiscus, strawberries, spices, etc.

Best DIY Tea Blends For You

Blending tea is an extremely easy and super fun process as you experiment with different ingredients and infuse them into tea leaves to create new flavours. You don’t need to go looking for the tea blend recipes, as we have aligned a few DIY tea blends that you can easily prepare at home. The tea leaves used in these recipes are sufficient enough for 2-3 infusions. All these recipes are prepared with herbs, spices and fruits making it completely organic and highly healthy for you. It is not necessary to use the ingredients in the exact quantity mentioned in the recipe; you can adjust the flavours according to your taste.

So, let’s begin with the recipes and make some excellent tea blends.

#1 Rose Breakfast

Breakfast blends generally involve lighter teas with stronger ingredients that make the perfect match. Indian and Sri Lankan regions are highly popular in making the breakfast blends. A majority of breakfast blends are prepared from Assan and Darjeeling tea. You can also try making it with milk. If you need more caffeine boost to your blend, you can think of adding guarana powder to the tea.

Ingredients You Need:

Darjeeling tea (2tbspn)

Assam Tea (3tbspn)

Rosebuds (1tbspn)

#2 White Spice Tea

White tea is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, blending the light flavour of white tea with tangy or spicy notes will help in giving a kick to the tea. Peppercorns are a great ingredient that you can add in this blend. Along with peppercorns, you can add a sweet layer with dried strawberries and Bai Mu Dan. White tea has a lighter flavour profile with a spicy and tangy extravaganza you can serve a magnificent tea blend on the table. It is important to understand that you must not use strong flavouring herbs with white tea; it will only disrupt the base profile.

Ingredients You Need:

Bai Mu Tan (2tbspn)

Peppercorns (1/2tspn)

Dried strawberries (1tspn)

Safflower (one pinch)

#3 Apple Pie Herbal Tea

Would you prefer your Sunday dessert in a beverage? Apple pie herbal tea is the name for you. It has a blend of rooibos on the base, giving a naturally sweet flavour to it. This tea is also suitable for the children as it is free from caffeine content. It is a simple blend with a sweet and tangy flavour profile. To make this liquid dessert even more appetizing for children, you can add chocolate drops and make it creamier and tastier.

Ingredients You Need:

Rooibos tea (2tspn)

Dried apple (1-2tspn)

Cinnamon stick (1-inch)

Vanilla pod (1/2 inch)

#4 Tropical Pu’erh

Pu’erh has great health benefits, but not everyone is quite fond of its flavours. If you are among those who drink pu’erh just for the sake of drinking, you can try creating a blend from it. Coconut pu-erh will be a nice treat to your taste buds. It will have a good earthy flavour of Pu-erh and the freshness of coconut. You can experiment by adding any candied fruit into the blend.

Ingredients You Need:

Pu’erh tea (2tspn)

Candied pineapple (1tspn)

Candied mango (1tspn)

Shredded coconut (1tspn)

#5 Minty Sencha

A tea blend that you can serve both hot and cold is a mint sencha. It is the perfect summer refreshment your body needs. Minty sencha has a blend of dried spearmint leaves that adds a refreshing kick to this tea blend. There are many variations of minty sencha, where people add fresh cucumber to enhance the refreshing quotient of the tea. There is Chinese and Japanese sencha, but the latter is always better.

Minty Sencha

Ingredients You Need:

Dried lemongrass (1tspn)

Dried mint (1tspn)

Chinese sencha (2tspn)

#6 Refreshing Hibiscus

It is yet another summer drink that you would love. The crimson colour and tangy flavour are the perfect companions on a hot summer evening. You can serve it both hot or cold. However, serving it cold with some ice cubes is the best way to go about it. Hibiscus has a refreshing flavour to it that will rejuvenate your morning.


Hibiscus (2tbspn)

Mint leaves (1tbspn)

Lemongrass (1tspn)

#7 Chamomile Herbal

Calming teas make the best blend. Chamomile herbal tea is free from all the caffeine and makes the perfect evening drink. Also, Chamomile is a herb that will calm and soothe your senses. It is also great for treating your stomach irritations. Chamomile herbal tea blends are best when served hot. Drinking it before bed will give you a sound sleep.

Ingredients You Need:

Dried Chamomile (2tspn)

Dried liquorice root (1/ tsp)

Dried ginger root (1tspn)

#8 Herbal Chocolate

Who wouldn’t want some chocolate in their teas? You curb all your chocolate cravings with some liquid chocolate. It makes the perfect blend during rainy days. You just need to brew herbal chocolate in boiling water and melt the chocolate drops in it. You can also give a refreshing kick to it by adding dried mint leaves and replacing rooibos with Yunnan black tea.

Ingredients You Need:

Rooibos tea (2tspn)

Vanilla pod (1/2 inch)

Chocolate drops (1tspn)

Cocoa shells (1/2 tsp)

Making tea blends cannot be made any easier. These are the best tea blends you can easily try at home. There is an abundance of variants that can be created from these blends.

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