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The Most Expensive Coffees In The World

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Instant coffee has changed the entire world of coffee. You just have to mix it with liquid, and you are good to go. However, it still fails to match the perfectly brewed coffee's taste and elegance obtained by preparing it for hours. That is why instant coffee is cheaper than these infused coffees. You can find a similar contrast in teas. Some of them are more expensive than others due to the culture they hold. Plus, the method of preparing them also accounts for the high price.

Coming back to our discussion topic, here are some of the most expensive coffees that you can find around the world. We have also included factors that make these beverages costlier than the others.

Black Ivory Coffee

A Thailand based company, "Black Ivory Coffee," produces the most expensive coffee in the world. The cost of this coffee is $500 per pound. What makes the coffee pricey is the method of preparing its beans. The process starts by feeding Arabica coffee cherries to elephants. Then the elephants' digestive acids provide the beans with flavours by breaking them down. In each cycle, the company is only able to extract a few beans as the others get chewed on or lost. So this accounts for the extra money that you have to pay for it.

Kopi Luwak

Ranging from $100 to $600, Kopi Luwak is one of the world's exotic and infamous coffees. Its primary production is found in Java, Sulawesi, and Bali islands of Indonesia. The reason for the high price of this coffee is again the method of developing the beans. Its process is almost similar to the Black Ivory Coffee. The only variation is the animal to which the cherries get fed. For making Kopi Luwak, the coffee cherries are eaten by civet cats. The enzymes present in their digestive system makes the coffee more exotic and increases its price.

Finca El Injerto

These exotic and unique coffee beans are produced in the mountainous regions of Huehuetenango. The coffee prices at $500 for one pound, which makes it comparable to the Black Ivory. The only reason for the coffee being expensive is that it is made from very rare small and rich beans. During preparation, the beans are broken twice and then washed in one channel. The interesting point here is that this coffee has won several awards for its sweet and fruity taste.

Hacienda La Esmeralda

The coffee gets its name from the farm where it gets harvested. The Hacienda La Esmeralda farm is found on Mount Baru, West Panama. Just like the previous one, it has also won awards for its floral flavour. Plus, the quality of this coffee is simply incomparable to any other coffee. Its high cost of $350 per pound accounts for the grace with which it is prepared. It is handpicked and then processed at the farm only.

St. Helena Coffee

The reason for the coffee being priced at $79 per pound is its quality and the place of origin. It is cultivated in a remote volcanic island of the South Atlantic Ocean, named St. Helena. So just like Hacienda La Esmeralda, this also gets its name from the harvesting location. The trend of this coffee was brought by Napoleon Bonaparte, who converted St. Helena island into a prison. As the island is located 1,200 miles away from Africa's west coast, its transportation cost is high. This can be considered a factor affecting the value of the coffee.

Molokai Coffee

Cultivated in the best coffee state of the US, Molokai is priced at $51 per pound. Out of all the variety, this is considered the best coffee you can find in Hawaii. The only thing that accounts for the high cost of this coffee is the talent of the people who harvest it. The coffee gets prepared in excellent conditions by skilled people. That is what makes it taste exotic and irresistible.

Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee

Sold at $50 per pound, Fazenda Santa Ines gets its fruity and sweet flavor from its various ingredients. What makes the coffee interesting is its history. It has been harvested near the Mantiquera Mountains' base in Brazil for over 100 years. You can find mild acidity, a creamy, rich body, and milk chocolate notes in the coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

What makes this coffee price at $50 per pound is its popularity in Japan. This gets cultivated at the height of 5000 feet on the Jamaican Blue Mountains. If you love the bitterness of regular coffee, this may not fit into your criteria. The reason being, it is mild and lacks bitterness in taste. Still, you can give it a try to see what makes it different from others.

Los Planes Coffee

You can find ingredients like caramel, tangerine, and brown sugar threads in this coffee prepared by the family of Sergio Ticas Reyes. They cultivate the beans on a farm located in El Salvador. The interesting fact about the coffee is its place on Cup of Excellence. It stood at the second place in 2006, while it was shifted to the sixth in 2011.

Mi Esperanza Coffee

Mi Esperanza Coffee stands at the lowest price in this list, with a cost of just $35 per pound. The only thing that accounts for the high price of this coffee is the bitterness that it leaves in your mouth. In case you want a more exotic taste, you can pick from one of its flavors like fruits, nuts, and spices. This is one of the most discussed coffees among people who love coffees. You will find a richer taste in it than your regular brewed coffee.

So, this was all about the most expensive coffees in the world. Just like them, you can find a range of costly teas as well. They are also priced high due to the method of cultivation. The only difference between tea and coffee is the method of preparation. Different teas are generally prepared in different ways. So the taste and price depend on that too.

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